Luxurious Indian Wedding in Manchester, United Kingdom

This wedding season started with new experiences and amazing impressions.

Indian wedding in Manchester

Different culture, other wedding traditions… we have enjoyed this experience and many beautiful photo and video frames. Together we made a story about the wedding day of Sabrina and Abadura, full of emotions, love and true feelings. Weddings that will be remembered for life.

Attention wedding dress or sari.
So nice to capture the heartfelt events in photo frames. So emotionally filled you feel when you see this beauty around you.

Special attention was paid to the bride’s dress or sari. Bright red, jewelery, gold embroidery and henna drawings on Sabrina’s hands. All the ladies were radiant, both in the direct and the transferred sense. How beautiful the costumes and make up, how smiling and positive were the brides sisters, girlfriends and all women at the wedding celebration. You could feel up to the tip of your finger how special this day is for every wedding guest. A special and welcome event for the whole family. Weddings that gathered together over 500 guests. Impressive and glamorous. The youngsters were able to combine old and modern wedding traditions on their wedding day. The traditional bride’s morning in the parents’ home was sincere and very beautiful. A fabulous wedding ceremony and a romantic walk after it. Tired breath seeing it all! Beautiful!

Celebrate yourself and others, create them…. Enjoy your wedding day and be sure to check out your wedding photo albums from time to time…

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