Wedding video, Baiba and Sandis

It’s no surprise that Baiba and Sandis got to know during the work mission,

Wedding video / Baiba and Sandis

Friends teased them about who is the head of the family, knowing that both are “sellers” by profession and call, fate solved this issue very quickly, giving them a daughter whose course was the main guest and participant of the wedding and the third balance cup family. Both cohabitation can be characterized by quoting Imanta Ziedon, where Sandis is a family peace, Baiba-jeks. “You are peace, peace, peace The world is lying at our feet. Everywhere with you I call my home. You are joy, joy, joy Heaven is high.

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Wedding dress | Katya Katya London

Wedding video | BalticWedding Team

Wedding photo | Nadja Kraukle


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