Wedding video – Ksenia and Hüseyin, wedding in castle

Just like all cheesy love stories this one begins with a special girl and young man chasing her. Ksenia was a young woman with green eyes, light brown hair and porcelain skin.

Wedding video / Ksenia and Hüseyin

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Our story

Well! Once a believer in true eternal love, love that moves mountains and conquers all, empowers and unburdens, uplifts and deliberates.

Now in her twenties Ksenia was content with the idea of being alone and perhaps embracing the idea of her home becoming the abode for cats, dogs and herself. She envisioned her future as of a broke artist living alone in the woods of her daydreaming. Few months have passed, and she has decided to start traveling in search for the land of lonely woods. She decided to begin with taking a trip with two of her friends to Peru for ten days. Peru was her wake-up call and when her plane landed to take her back to Los Angeles her inner voice suddenly told her to stay. She was packed for ten days and had nothing planned but she sensed an adventure of her life time waiting for her. Some of her family members and friends said she was impulsive, and she was running away from life but if you ask her, she would say she was finally free and was running towards life. As she traveled by herself, she felt as safe, free and happy as she has never felt before.

Throughout her travels in South America she met amazing interesting people she would have never met if she has not left her circle of friends back home. And yes, this one special meeting was the most important; it did change her fate. Ksenia booked a flight to Bolivia, a country she was not planning to see at all. Arriving at the airport and not having a Visa was a bad plan, however driven by intuition she did not have plans. Dirty, angry, hungry and has not showered in days she arrived at a hostel she found at the very last minute. She dragged her feet into the lobby and asked the person at the desk about the cheapest rooms they had.

Once a room was booked her next question was if they had lockers and yes, they did – “they have those, so big you would think you can hide a whole human body in there” – a friendly new voice has answered. The man behind this voice was in his early thirtieth, he was tan, fit, and had shining, dancing brown eyes… it was Hüseyin. Ksenia was glad to make a new friend. He was traveling for a long time around the globe on his mission to see architecture and different cultures. That night Hüseyin showed her where the bus station was so she could buy a ticket, they both wanted to go to the Salt Flats in Uyuni. The next day began with the journey on the night bus to Uyuni. They talked almost the whole night, Ksenia felt that she knew him her whole entire life. She told him all about her past and he shared his life story with her. It was effortless and easy, the most amazing conversation that she strives for until the moment that he tried to kiss her. She pulled away shocked, he was someone she just has met, a stranger. Once they had arrived at their destination, she was happy to be on her own way.

A couple days later Ksenia arrived at a city called Sucre, she knew that Hüseyin was planning to be there at the same time, and they were both trying to go to Santa Cruz next. Despite the attempted kiss on the bus, she missed him. She couldn’t explain her feelings and she didn’t want to suffer through a fifteen hours bus ride alone. She wrote to Hüseyin and he eagerly asked her to meet him at the bus station. When she arrived at the bus station she had no Wi-Fi to contact Hüseyin, she searched for him in busy crowd but there were nine buses leaving at 17.50 and none left at 18 the one Hüseyin have told her about and right before she lost hope and was about to board another bus they found each other in the busy crowd while he was also looking for her! She was so happy to see him and couldn’t explain to herself why she was so happy. The whole night they talked and talked and talked. Once they have arrived at there hostel, they decided to fly to Brazil together as friends. Brazil was magic! they rented a car and traveled through the country. Ksenia didn’t want to fall in love with anybody and was just caught off guard when she realized that she was completely in love with him. Hüseyin on the other hand always made sure she was aware of his feeling towards her. After a bar fight defending her honor, crazy trip to the hospital, missed plane and a couple more countries, Ksenia and Hüseyin decided to always stick together no matter what. Since then they haven’t spent a single day apart from each other. Ksenia has found her soulmate, there was no doubt about it in her mind, they were made for each other and the universe brought them together in tiny bolivian Adventure Hostel in La Paz 3 years ago.


Brides & groom morning | Castle “Morberga villa”

Wedding ceremony | Holy Trinity Cathedral

Wedding photosesion & videosession | Bus tour in Riga, beach, Jurmala

Videographer | Ainars Krauklis, BalticWedding

Wedding venue | Castle “Morberga villa”

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